Monthly Archives: November 2015

To be an Artist

“A painting will always draw critics. But as far as the artist is concerned, as long as it represents the artists intention of the subject matter – the story – he intended to portray – then the public may give their own interpretation – or opinion!” “On the other hand – if the artist is […]


“Success is the best form of revenge. So put failure in a box and move on. Until something actually works for you!”

To you All …

I would like to believe that at the very least I tried in my life To let myself be known. To all who would listen Being an artist was also living a life of silence. Leaving a legacy that others can only scramble with, and they will … for a hundred years!


Why I Paint

“My art involves catching the character studies soul. It is always my first intention while creating a subject real or imaginary. It may even be my only intention – period.”


“I believe a painting is not truly ready to show anyone unless it excites the artist first – if that is indeed possible. We are the critics in reality – not you!”