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Mornington Newsagency

Philippe de Kraan is now stocking his art cards at Mornington News Agency. More news to come! If you want see the collection online, you can find them here.

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On a mission to capture your imagination

Amsterdam-born artist, Philippe de Kraan is intent on taking Mornington by storm – art storm that is. His 48th solo exhibition, A Moment in Time, was at Oak Hill Gallery in September 2015 and the streets businesses and publications of Mornington are ablaze with images of his colourful expressionist paintings. De Kraan paints with exuberant passion and […]


Hello Twitter!


To be an Artist

“A painting will always draw critics. But as far as the artist is concerned, as long as it represents the artists intention of the subject matter – the story – he intended to portray – then the public may give their own interpretation – or opinion!” “On the other hand – if the artist is […]


“Success is the best form of revenge. So put failure in a box and move on. Until something actually works for you!”